Moving Barriers
  • Remote controlled automatic moving barriers


The barriers have been in extensive use on Swiss motorways, in States Geneva, Vaud, Jura, Neuchâtel. They are mainly installed near tunnel entrances. The traditional layout comprises two 35 meter long barriers, pivoting at both ends and interlocked in the middle when not in use. The cross-section is usually a “New Jersey” type. 

  • Barriers in curves

It mus be possible to install barriers in curves, radii of several hundred meters usually feature inclined lanes, up to 10%. An additional difficulty can de due to offset lanes and an inverted central reservation. 

  • Barriers extending over expansion joints

An unusual design was necessary in 1996 when a barrier had to be placed over an expansion joint of a 241 meter long bridge in Geneva. The outer pivot point is mounted on a sliding base, its movement follows the daily thermal expansions of the bridge. 

  • Barrier with sliding extension

Due to limited available space, one design features a telescopic arm which can extend by 11 meters beyond the barrier end, stretching the barrier’s length.



  • Advanced gates

The systems are mainly used to ensure safe cross-overs of central reservations before and after tunnels. One tube can be used for bi-directional traffic, while the remaining tube is safely closed for maintenance work.


When a crossover is planned, well ahead, motorists are warned by various traffic signs of the imminent event. Shortly before the crossover, traffic is usually closed on the fast lane by a positive system. Advanced gates are also used to close exchanger access.

  • Light remote controlled moving barriers

In some cases safety requirements are less stringent and do not require crash-certified barriers. A lighter barrier is available for such occurrences.

  • Installation on motorways in traffic

Our teams are also trained to install moving barriers on sections with traffic.
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